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Use Custom Toroids to Increase Electronic Efficiency

Toroids are an essential part of many different electronic devices. These power transformers offer many advantages that are not found when using similarly powered EI-type transformers.  No two toroids are the same, so it is important to recognize that these transformers should not be used interchangeably. Custom toroids are the best way to ensure that all your application needs are met.


What are the top reasons why engineers turn to custom toroids?

Electronic devices make noise as they power up, run, and turn off. The main goal is to create electronic devices that work, but engineers also need to consider keeping the noise level to a minimum. With custom toroids, engineers can significantly reduce the noise during startup and powering down.

Cutting the cost of construction allows manufacturers to bring savings to their customers. What could be better than providing an amazing product at a low cost? Toroids are smaller and less expensive to manufacture. Their small size makes them easy to mount without needing extensive mounting equipment or changing the design. These power transformers also offer lower off-load power consumption, which drastically reduces electrical waste.

Custom Toroids

For more information on customizing toroid, you should not hesitate to give our talented team a call. We have the tools and knowledge to bring your electronic device to life.