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Learning about Powdered Cores

Toroids are commonly built using one of two types of cores: powder and ferrite.  In this article, we will be focusing on learning more about the powder core. A toroid with this sort of core is not pressed with organic binders, and so they will not exhibit thermal aging effects. These cores are distributed air gap cores that also maintain main beneficial/outstanding characteristics:Toroids

  1. High resistivity
  2. Low eddy current loss
  3. Low hysteresis
  4. Excellent inductance stability (for AC and DC conditions)

Although there are many practical benefits of using a powdered core, the devices come with limitations and other issues. For instance, in powdered cores, it is possible for the measured inductance to be different from what was calculated. The difference in measurements is the result of core size, core finish thickness, wire size, permeability, and some turns. We can help you apply formulas to approximate the leakage flux, which then allows users to add expected inductance.


For more information about using ferrite or powder core, please give us a call today. Our talented engineers can work with you from scratch, to create the ideal toroids possible. Give us a call today.

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