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Why do Toroidal Transformers Stand Out from Other Transformers

Commercial electronic devices and applications (computers, audio systems, televisions) use different transformer core shapes. Common issues that transformers face are core loss, high electromagnetic interference, and flux leakage. To combat the above challenges, toroidal transformers are commonly used. Over the last few years, these transformers have become very popular because, when compared to other transformer shapes, they are highly efficient, small, and lightweight.


A toroidal core is a complete circle, with a circular hole punched out of the middle. They resemble bagels, doughnuts, or pool tubes. Cores are made from different materials depending on the application they will be used in. While constructing the transformer, it is common for the entire core to be wrapped with copper wire windings. A toroid has almost perfect symmetry, which is why it boasts such low leakage flux rates. The toroid’s circular shape is what primarily makes it such an efficient transformer.

Toroids are slowly taking over the market to become the new, conventional transformer. If you are interested in the highest quality toroids, that are made to exact specification, you should not hesitate to call our team.

Other benefits of Toroids include:

Easy mounting: toroids are easy to mount, which reduces downtime and maintenance. Resin center potting and centering a washer with a through hole, bolt, and screw are the two most common mounting styles.

Quiet: toroids are know for their low, electrical hum. Other transformers are known to make noise during operation, whereas for toroids, that is not the case.

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