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Integrating Toroidal Transformers into Your Design

Why do so many engineers and manufacturers turn to toroidal transformers? Simply put, these small devices are robust and consistent. These simplistic devices are considered powered transformers that are constructed from a toroidal core that has primary and secondary coils uniformly wound around the entire core. As electrical currents flow through the primary coil, EMF gets induced as well as a current in the secondary winding. The unique shape of these coils allows for substantial reductions in winding and resistive losses, which improves the overall efficiency of the toroid.


The five most sought-after advantages include:

  1. Works well at low temperatures because of overall improved efficiency when compared to other similarly powered transformers.
  2. The 360-degree design does not outwardly radiate stray fields.
  3. When compared to conventional power transformers, a toroid is a substantially more compact device
  4. The devices maintain high resistance against external magnetic fields.
  5. 100% of the core can be wound, which makes a toroidal transformer incredibly efficient.

Typical applications for a toroid include:

  • Because of their power and compact size, a toroidal transformer is ideal for an application that involves electronic circuits (inverters, computers, and portable devices). A toroid hums less than other conventional options, which makes them suitable for use in audio equipment and televisions.
  • Designers of medical tools typically turn to custom core winding. These transformers are super-efficient in systems that require low leakage currents. Because of their size, it is easy to integrate them into.