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Transformers and Inductors

An inductor and a transformer are constructed in similar ways and even have a tendency to look alike. ToroidsThe difference in their function is great, and it is important to know that these two devices cannot be used interchangeably. Learning the differences between the two will allow you to run your business more effectively.

An inductor is sometimes also called a choker or a reactor. The device is made up  of passive two-terminal electronic parts. Inductors are made of conductors (wire wound onto a coil). The conductor allows for the device to store temporary energy within a magnetic field. A key feature of an inductor is its ratio of voltage to current rate of change. This is known as inductance.

A transformer is usually made up of two toroid coils and insulated wires. The central coils are connected to an input source that distributes alternating currents. This allows transformers too produce magnetic fields.

A transformer is designed to transfer power from windings to other windings. In an inductor, winding is used for inductance (this allows for less leakage).


For a more complete look at the differences between inductors and transformers, reach out to a local toroid company today!

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