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Toroid Transformers

A toroidal transformer is used when electronic applications need a step-down or step-up in voltage. They can also be used to isolate electronic equipment from voltage sources. Different types of transformers allow for varied applications, and so you must be smart when purchasing toroids and transformers.Toroid Transformers

Basic applications for toroidal transformers includes:

  • Security systems
  • Power distribution equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Telecommunication systems
  • LED lighting

The above list is small compared to the full potential of transformer applications.

A toroidal transformer works through AC (alternating currents) electricity changing the direction of sine wave patterns. During an average cycle, AC will start at zero volts before moving to the positive peak. Then, the voltage falls back to zero prior rising to its peak in the opposite direction. When doing that 60 times per second, a transformer will create 60 Hertz or cycles.

The devices easily change voltage to different levels. The transformer’s input connects to a primary coil. This doughnut-shaped, ferromagnetic core is called a toroid, and it is an important part of the device. Electricity moves through the coil, which allows it to build a positive magnetic field (one that can rise to its peak). The magnetic field will continually grow and collapse.

A second coil is used to funnel output voltage. More coils can be added to increase energy demands.

Toroid Transformers

Toroid transformers are necessary devices in everyday life because they help many major appliances and devices run. A transformer could not work properly without a properly wound toroid core. Be smart when shopping for toroids.

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