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Can Toroidal Transformers Deal with Alternating Current (AC) Voltage?

Toroidal transformers are found in many of the electronics we use daily. They are a simple and effective tool for electronic applications that experience voltage that steps up or down. They are also used to isolate electronics from outside sources of voltage. From the tiniest of devices to large-scale power generating stations, toroids are a resourceful and reliable tool.

Toroidal transformers

Toroids help change AC voltage from level to level. Alternating current operates in 60-cycles, which means levels change 60 times within a minute. This is often referred to as 60Hz. A toroid can do this because it is connected to the primary coil that evenly wraps around a ferromagnetic core. Toroids have a 360-degree doughnut shape (no gaps). Toroids create a positive magnetic field as electricity passes through the coil. When this happens, voltage races to a peak that then collapses voltage returns to zero (all during the first half of the cycle). Toroids then create an opposing magnetic field when electricity moves in the opposite direction.

Magnetic fields grow and collapse while traveling through secondary coils. The secondary coil has custom winding that wraps around the coil identically to the primary coil. The purpose of these coils is to create output voltage as a magnetic field passes through the coil. The total voltage produced within an electric device corresponds with the number of coils and secondary coils.

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