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Dealing with Inrush Currents for Toroidal Transformers

When working with toroidal transformers, it is essential to know about inrush currents. When a transformer is switched on, an initial current surge is sent to the devices, which is called inrush currents. Reducing initial currents will help electronics to function properly. A toroidal transformer’s inrush current can create serious problems and damage if it is not managed correctly. Inrush currents can potentially make circuit breakers to trip, which can cause fuses to blow. In a worst-case scenario, there will be a complete failure of transformers. Excessive inrush currents will limit the total number of devices that can be successfully connected to core power sources.Toroid transformers

Inrush currents also have adverse effects on the magnetic properties of toroid cores. Common problems associated with this include energy losses. Reducing and managing inrush current is much easier when using inrush current limiters. The sole function of these devices is to reduce surging power that enters a device when switches are turned on. Limiters work by absorbing heat created from inrush currents.

Some of the advantages of using inrush current limiters to reduce toroidal transformer inrush currents include:

1.Devices can use a standard fuse

2.Limiters allow for lower rated components to be used

3.Low rated rectifier bridges can be used

4.Reduction of power sag noise (usually created by under voltage and brownouts)

5.A significant decrease in inrush currents during startup


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