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Toroids and Step Up/Step Down Applications

Although Toroidal transformers are used for several applications, they are often most used for step up and step-down applications. Engineers rely on this ability throughout various industries, from personal to business. Transformers that can step up or step down operate by changing AC voltage into various residential and industrial electrical appliances.

It is common to find step-up transformers used in CRT flybacks and fluorescent light starter coils. On the other hand, step-down transformers are used for audio and communication equipment, like mobile phone adapters and stereos. Although they are not seen, these devices are used daily.


It makes sense to use toroids for these applications because they offer many benefits that other similarly power transformers do not provide. First and foremost, these toroids have a compact and unique design that makes them suitable for small and cramped spaces. Often, toroids can be implemented without having to re-design existing structures. The energy within a Toroidal transformer is less to maintain a magnetic field when compared to other transformers. The shape of a toroid, a 360° circle, improves electrical performance and helps regulate temperature.

With coil winding, toroids are fully customizable, which means they can meet any electrical requirement’s size and application demands. For more information on custom coil winding and developing top tier Toroidal transformers, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

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