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Encapsulated Transformers

The Difference Between Encapsulated Transformers and Ventilated Transformers

Encapsulated Toroidal

Toroids and Toroidal transformers are often used in modern electronics because they are very efficient and cost effective.

Encapsulated transformers are used in many different commercial applications, and this is because units encapsulate electrical grade silica sand and resin compounds. This full enclosure keeps the core and coil moister free. It also keeps out airborne contaminants. This allows for machines to have long lives without corrosion and deterioration. An epoxy resin that is baked into something like a brick surrounds the core and coil. The core and coil are safe inside.

Systems can either be built for commercial use or for use in harsher environments. Commercial systems can work well inside and outside factories, but you would get a commercial system when looking for an easy and inexpensive system. You would get harsh environment system when location and application become important. The harsh machines can work around dangerous liquids, dust, and gases. Systems set up to not handle these dangerous materials could be potentially very bad for the company. Petrochemical and marine mining companies use harsh machines. These machines can be customized to fit the company and industry specialized needs. Heat can escape the “brick” through the surface. The enclosure has an insulation class of 180 and there is a standard rise in temperature (115 Degrees Celsius). There are different types of encapsulated transformers. Some range from .05 KVA up through 25 KVA (this is called a single phase). 3 KVA up to 30 KVA is considered a three phase. Regardless of the type you get, most of the time the products are mounted on a wall. When hanging them, remember that each needs roughly twelve inches of space between others for proper ventilation.

More commonly, people have a tendency to buy and use ventilated transformers. They are very similar to encapsulated transformers, but they cost lest, weigh less, and have higher impedance than encapsulated products. The ventilated transformers have a steel enclosure, which houses the core and coil. The only openings to be found are made for ventilation. In this product, air is able to circulate around the inside and is removed through the holes. These products are usually at a class of 220.

Make sure that the transformers you are purchasing can fully handle the capacity that you are going to be working work. You might want to try and save money in the short run, by buying a cheaper or inadequate system, but chances are you’ll be paying in the long run. Make a smart decision when it comes to transformers.

What Do Transformers Do?

Encapsulated transformers, potential transformers, flyback transformers or any one of a large number of specialized transformers in use today all perform the same basic function: to lower the voltage of a given electrical circuit.

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