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Consider using Toroids

There is a reason that toroids are used throughout many different industries. This is as a result of all the things that toroids can allow you to do. Below, we will be highlighting some of the most important features/components of a toroid. If you were only thinking about toroids before this article, hopeful what you read next will change your mind.Read More

Toroids and Practical Applications

Using wound toroid cores can be incredibly advantageous. Toroids are lighter and more compact than other shaped cores. Toroid coils feature a closed-loop core which provides a higher magnetic field. The higher magnetic field will result in a higher inductance and Q factor.Read More

Customized Toroids

As technology becomes more advanced, the need for custom toroids becomes that much more necessary. Toroids allow for devices to run safely, quietly, and efficiently. Considering that most devices are different, toroids must be unique and highly customizable.Read More

What Are Toroids?

At Torelco we make wound magnetic products, and we do it with the utmost pride. Our factory is set up to produce high quality products in a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials. There is a very big market that requires different products, and we want to be the answer for custom wound magnetic devices. Our dedication and knowledge of the products we make should demonstrate the quality we put out.Read More