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What is the Function of a Toroidal Transformer

A toroidal transformer is often seen as the best design for a power transformer. These devices are made from magnetic sheet metals that are characterized as having low loss levels without sacrificing high induction saturation. Heat treating a toroid allows the devices to reach high saturation levels (up to 16,000 gauss). A toroidal transformer concentrates the magnetic flow within the core, and because of no intermediate metal parts, vibration is greatly reduced. Toroids are highly sought-after products because they allow for reduced noise from electronics. In other similarly powered transformers, noise is created by magnetostriction. A toroid eliminates magnetostriction, which also helps the dissipation of heat within the electronic equipment.


When comparing toroids to other similar transformers, toroids are often seen as the better option.

A toroid can eliminate magnetic dispersion with the help of shielding or electromagnetic screens. A toroid has a perfect 360-degree design that eliminates air gaps. When combining no air gaps, heat treatment, and custom coil winding, toroids can consistently provide extremely low magnetic dispersion.


Toroids are powerful and reliable, but they are also small and lightweight. Toroids fit into most existing designs without the need to redesign products. They are easily installed with a single screw and washer. With today’s electronics, size and weight is almost as important as functionality. It is estimated that a toroid saves up to 50% in size and weight compared to other transformers.

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