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Toroids are Lightweight and Small

When you need to meet the modern-day needs for small, low magnetic interference field transformers, you should look no further than toroids. A toroid comes complete with a nearly ideal physical construction. A design engineer using these devices should expect excellent and reliable performance. A toroid is known to be small when compared to conventional transformers. A toroid can have less than 50% of the weight and size of other transformers.



Toroids are also commonly used because they produce a limited noise and they have a very low magnetic interference field. A toroid is an ideal compact power supplier. Because of modern production techniques, a toroidal transformer can be made for practically the same price as more common transformers.

Toroids are used in a growing number of applications, which currently include:

  • Video monitors
  • Compact power supplies
  • Audio equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Office machines
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial control equipment
  • Low voltage lighting

Why is a toroid lightweight and small?

A toroid has a core that makes it ideal for creating cores with minimal material. Wire that is wrapped around the core is symmetrically spread over the entirety of the core. The carefully winding of a toroid allows manufacturers to use very short lengths of wire. Higher flux densities are possible because the magnetic flux goes in the same directions as the grain’s rolling direction of the oriented core (allowing for significant savings of weight and volume). Iron losses are also minimal on a toroid. Typically, it can be expected to be at 1.1 W/kg at 1.7 Tesla and 50Hz.

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