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Which Transformer is Right for You

When you have a choice between a toroid and other similarly powered transformers, what is the right choice to make? Commercial and home devices (TVs, computers, audio systems) require small transformers of various core shapes. As devices get smaller and thinner, smaller transformers become more and more critical. Using transformers is a necessity, but they do present several challenges for electronics engineers to overcome. Common issues include:Coil Winding & Bobbin Winding

  • Core loss
  • Flux leakage
  • High EMI

For engineers to overcome these common challenges, they often use toroidal transformers instead of other transformers. What are some of the advantages of toroids that make them better than their counterparts?

When compared to conventional transformers, stray magnetic fields from a toroid with coil winding is very low. The stray magnetic field within toroid is up to 90% less than other transformers. A toroidal transformer is devoid of an air gap. Toroids are highly efficient and have improved performance.

Toroids are easy to mount. When compared to other transformers, toroids require considerably less maintenance and downtime associated with a transformer. Transformers are mounted with a resin center potting, or more simply with a centering washer and screw/bolt.

Toroids are highly efficient. Because of the perfect 360-shape, coil-wound toroids uniformly distribute power over the entire core. As a result, there is reduced winding resistance of the transformer. A toroid utilizes maximum flux density.

Custom Coil Winding

If you have any further questions about toroids or custom coil winding, you should not hesitate to make us your first call.

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